everything is invented


We grow up learning about various inventions that have changed the lives of everyone from their creation on. Our early predecessors materialized fire, agriculture, language and maps. Then came electricity, the telephone, the car, the computer, the Internet and space travel. All of these concepts have been literally created from nothing and brought into context by someone whose ideas had been inspired by an infinite number of previous inventions and people. One thing always leads into another. And all are connected.

But have you ever thought about how literally EVERYTHING in our entire life is invented? Our favourite stores, our jobs, our friendships, our social and political structures, our education system… even our beliefs. Literally every idea, situation or thing we come into contact with every day has been created either by people, by other inventions or by our own self.

The thought of this creates an incredible sense of freedom in the notion that we can invent and create anything we wish to in our lives. Whether we choose to invent a useful tool, a successful business, a loving relationship or a wild adventure (or perhaps all of them), we can literally invent our own life using the entire universe as our treasure box to design our present and our future. And maybe even if you are brave enough, you may choose invent your own definition of what the words present and future represent to you. Above all, do what feels wonderful and magical to you.

Empower yourself to take what you may think is ordinary and create something truly extraordinary for yourself.

Written by Carly Gouweloos

Carly Gouweloos